Our Mission

To be the Most Effective, Most Trusted, Accounts Receivable Management Company.

Our Commitments:

Support Effort

We commit to maintaining an experienced staff that provides a high output effort.

Support staff of over 160 cumulative years of industry experience
Commit over 2000 hours to call center support per month
Produce over 50,000 calls per month on our client’s behalf

Transparency Commitment

We commit to granting complete and detailed online access to our clients.

Support & train our clients on our easy-to-use CAW, our secure account portal system
Commit to full transparency so that our clients can see account details and make edits
Produce custom reports for you to utilize prior to financial and management meetings

Touch Base Client Program Commitment

We commit to listening to your feedback as well as providing insight though regular communication.

Support our clients with quarterly meetings to “touch base” on portfolio performance
Commit to consistent and reliable communication to build a strong partnership
Produce quarterly reports to evaluate and discuss go-forward goals and expectations

Our Vission:

We will return $400 Million annually to our clients and the economy by FY2016 by empowering employees to facilitate high-value consumer interactions.