| Dental Debt Collection & Recovery Solutions | Riverside, CA
Our comprehensive dental debt recovery strategies help you maintain client relations, while recovering the money you are owned. Discover how I.C System can help.
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Marigold Financial provides expert dental debt collection service with the assistance of our experienced medical collectors and dental debt recovery strategies, positive results in recovering the money you are owed are our focus and expertise. Our dental debt collections process allows full customization to your individual needs and goals.

Dentists rely on our:

ACA International certified collectors (very experienced w/ DENTAL debts) calling days, evenings, and weekends.

Analytics to increase dental debt collection. Our proprietary scoring models segment debts by collectability; recovery scores then determine the most effective treatment strategies. Analytics drive our Intelligent Collections; we work smarter and harder than other agencies.

Credit reporting to all national credit bureaus.

In-house multilingual collections, no offshore collectors.

Comprehensive skip-tracing efforts to find “missing” patients.

Online Tools to easily submit debts, VIEW our work effort (number of letters mailed, number of calls made, etc.) on debts, report payments, and generate reports.