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Who is Marigold Financial

In 1964 a debt collection division of Citizen’s Credit Exchange was founded in San Bernardino, California to assist local businesses recover their overwhelming backlog of delinquent account receivables. With the early overwhelming success of the collection division, one of the four founding partners branched off to focus solely on debt collections, forming Clarkson and Associates, Inc. After 34 years, the corporation broadened its industry focus and launched Marigold Financial, LLC in June of 2010.

Marigold Financial continued to grow and gain substantial market share with retail, commercial and medical clients. Marigold Financial, located in Downtown Riverside, California, continues its path of growth, success and expansion and is now one of the largest independently owned financial services solution providers in southern California and the Inland Empire. Marigold Financial’s philosophy is to build lasting partnerships with its clients by providing debt recovery and financial solution services with exceptional trust, transparency, customer service and performance.